2018: A look ahead with Roux Black

From the desk of Ru Johnson.

Year-end coverage is so superlative, in that we focus on the highlights of the best, worst and the anticipation of a clean slate. For the total creative process though, evaluation acts as the perfect complement. After all, no one wants to make the same mistakes, no matter how fun and care free it feels in the moment.

At Roux Black, we’ll be taking the ‘pivot’ strategy, meaning we know what works and what didn’t work so we’re taking stock of what we’ve got and giving it the ever so slight boost. As far as social media goes, Facebook is our strongest output of information and will remain a hub of information about our shows, clients and opportunities.

I want to focus on our content distribution in more unique ways, though, so we’ll be taking a ‘pivot’ to Instagram. This means there will be shows, ticket giveaways and other news released solely on that platform and tailored to how folks like to receive information through that medium.

Our monthly newsletter, The Black Letter, will have exclusive offers, service announcements and other special interest pieces custom for readers who prefer having everything in one place. You can sign up for that on our home page, and be on the lookout for the latest one for January.

The arts advocacy branch of Roux Black (our guest list program), The Black List, we’re partnering with more venues and creative entities to provide more cost-accessible options for live music in both Denver and Los Angeles. We believe live music saves lives and this year we’re upping the ante on this work for the community.

Summer will remain our busiest time of the year, especially with the release of the Los Angeles programming set to be announced. The fall and winter will be suited for client work and artist development projects, while the pre-spring festivities with 4/20 will find us working on the National Cannabis Festival in DC.

It’s a well-rounded approach and all focused on the slightest but more precise degrees of change to our original formula. I do hope you’ll join us for a show, or at NCF or a consult to brainstorm what I know is your biggest idea, just waiting to come to life.

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Check a few of the shows we’ve got on the roster already for the new year below. 

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