What We Do

Roux Black is a creative consulting group that focuses on people, places and things that want to expand their consumer demographic. Our formula is built on a "right, not fast," philosophy utilizing the components of marketing, promotion and campaign development. From artists to fashion houses to all kinds of creative "makers and doers," our strategy is simple; we make things cool.

It Was All a Dream

Using an arts advocacy focus on independent markets and consumers, Roux Black started from the love of music in an ever-changing industry. Creating more platforms for artists and charismatic brands became the focus point for RB founder Ru Johnson. Since its beginnings in 2012, Roux Black has expanded to Los Angeles with an additional focus on arts and media.

Meet the Team

We love what we do because we work with the best. Meet the folks who make it happen.

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Ru Johnson

Founder & Lead Executive

Founder, and Lead Executive at Roux Black, Ru Johnson is a writer, creative consultant and avid nail polish enthusiast. Her work has appeared in various publications with a focus on hip-hop and entertainment. She currently writes for The Denver Post and focuses on creating publicity and exposure for independent artists.


Jazmin Aguiar

Executive Partner

Jazmin Aguiar is a Spanish and English speaking cannabis advocate, chef and business development consultant hailing from Los Angeles, California. A creative mind with a hustler's spirit, Jazmin always has a business' growth and development at the forefront. She heads up the Los Angeles offices of Roux Black with a focus on media development for businesses in the cannabis and entertainment industry.


Alexandra Durbin

Director of Operations

Alexandra Durbin is the Director of Operations for Roux Black and is a logistics genius. She leads the RB staff and maintains a stronghold of support for various projects, productions and client relations. Often the first one in and the last to leave, Alexandra keeps her finger on the pulse of all things Roux Black.

Next Steps...

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