A Meeting With D-Trait: Photos and Conversation

Demarcus O’Dell | April 11 2018

Meet D-Trait who is preparing to release his debut album titled 12 Seasons. Much like the transitions throughout seasons, the resident Denver artist has noted his experiences from a specific 3 year period from 2014 through 2017 and is creatively portraying them for you. There is a tree on his album cover, it represents him going through the seasons; living. D-Trait’s core values are engraved into the tree trunk; love, loyalty, honor, and respect, expressing that these are the things that keep him rooted. The tree symbolizes D-Trait experiencing life through seasons of life. Ever engulfed in growing up, finding compassion through rigid times, having wealth and watching it’s departure, and finding “the one.”

“When listening to a Sade album, you are taken on a journey. I want to create that organic, well thought out feel”

D-Trait has taken the perspective of his experiences and put them across 12 songs. Creatively he has organized 12 Seasons into two sides: A and B. For every 3 songs a new season. The geographic spread of fellow collaborators who made this possible is incredible. Songs produced in places such as Denver, Dallas ,Toronto, and Canada. Engineered in North Carolina by Rocky Tran and mastered in Nashville, Tennessee by Ryan Frederick. We spoke about the album coming to fruition and the intention being to retain authenticity, producing it organically and not sacrificing quality for a sooner release date.

“This album gives you the whole story”

Summer encapsulates youth, confidence, and friendship, whereas Spring envelops growing pains, new experiences and D-trait acquiring the knowledge of his “type” of desired loved one through the experience of being with her. Fall is the chapter about the loved one, D-Trait is trying to meet expectations and his vessel is his sheer effort, during this 3 year period it was established that the special someone in the moment loved the film Aladdin. Ironically he saw this as his goal, the achievement of the “magic carpet;” or being able to give whatever his loved one ever dreamed off. The feeling derived from the tone of the Fall section is genuinely good, but there is no lack of the pain or struggle battled in the lyrics.

“My legacy is what I think about the most, they will determine who I am based off of who I portray”

Winter. The songs in this section are about the relationship, the consistency of the roller coaster effect that comprised it. D-Trait told me there was a level of normality that being their relationship would in good standings one week, off another and back to decent in a matter of weeks. We spent a good amount of time chatting about the addition of three bonus tracks. Although not connected to the theme of 12 Seasons at its core, this is a taste tester of experimental songs, throwaways that were well received by D-Trait’s circle, or singles with potential that couldn’t wait for later release. The ending idea is simply perseverance through change, struggle and life itself.

“My name is D-Trait”

I always ask “the origin of the name” question, and D-Trait answered my question with another question; “what is the game missing?,” he answered, “me!” He continues, “i am the (D) trait the game is missing.” He holds tight to his values, and represents their legitimacy through the respectful man he presents; a genuinely nice guy. Another value he holds near is the action that an individual takes, their character. 12 seasons is a showcase of his life but also a proof of concept for the man he is and wants to become. The album is available to all on April 30th and don’t miss D-Trait at the Bluebird May 24th.


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