The 5280 Urban Music Awards Nominees are…

From the desk of Ru Johnson

Rap is a contact sport, no doubt about it. You either get in the game or you’re left to watch from the sidelines. You’ll always be able to distinguish between those who are in the rap game for the flashing lights and those who are in it for true artistry. I suppose there’s a little bit of allure in both the flashing lights and the artistry, but you can’t deny nothing comes without hard work, and rapping isn’t easy.

Moreover, the internet shows that anybody with half a rhyme scheme can churn out something remotely resembling a rap song and hit the jackpot.

Anything can happen.

That’s why it takes being on the ground, hearing the independent artists and other creatives first hand and up close, to determine who really has what it takes. The 5280 Urban Music Awards has long been the litmus test in the Denver music scene. Those who got it get nominated, those who are born with it, win.

There’s a committee of judges (full disclosure, I’m on the committee) who choose based on categories of submissions and the people vote for the winner. The point of this is to celebrate independent artistry and show your movement is as ahead of the game as you say it is. There will be strong opinions either way. On September 22, 2019 at The Gothic Theatre in Denver, you get to see who takes home the glory. Tickets here.

And now, the nominees for the 5280 Urban Music Awards are…..

Shyne the God
Jay Triiiple
Charlie Martin
Koo Qua

Big Deneez Feat Drettie- REAL OG

Ave Grim Feat. Hyphe ThaGod – War 4 You

Mac Jay Feat. T-Rell – Good to Me

Lil Bad Feat. Trev Rich – NO LOVE

BMG Show Feat. Danae Simone +AP- From Nothing

Nay Renee

Mandy Groves

100 Pack Savvy

Adiel Mitchel

Chy Reco

Tana 10 Birdz

Trev Rich – Trap Gospel

Mandy Groves – Phases

DNA Picasso – For the Record

A Meazy- Shuttlesworth

Mic T- For Players Only

Twoskii-Real Denver




Dat Dude looney

Wic Jones

Trugga Beats

MF Two

Wil Guice

Keenan Trevon

Danae Simone

Mandy Groves

Mackadoe – Echos

Flawless Money – Change on Me

DNA Picasso, TheyCallHimAP – New Drip

Trev Rich – Walk on Water

A Meazy – Mind Yourz

TheyCallHimAP – First Place

A Meazy

Ray Reed


Connor Ray



Hunnidrack6 – Go Krazy

A Meazy – Mind Yourz

King Tae ftv – Billie Jean Sause

Caleali – D.O.T.

Esi Juey – Projects

Ave Grim – War 4 You

Plays (Ray Reed ft. TheyCallHimAP)

Big Bank (Doobie Newton)

Ha Ha Ha (Trev Rich

Dope Man (Lil Bad)

Blow (Mandy Groves)

Blue Faces (L Keys)

Trayce Chapman



A Meazy

Trev Rich

Flawless Money

Click here to vote for your faves. 

September 22, 2019 at the Gothic Theatre the winners will be announced and you won’t want to miss the performances, the speeches and of course, the fireworks. Tickets are available here.

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